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Cranky, Crabby, Stabby, and The Likes

That’s what I am.  I started sneezing my head off yesterday.  I woke up during the night and snot was literally running out of my nose.  My throat hurts. 

No, I’m NOT sick.  It’s allergies!  It has to be.  My body has it out for me.  See, I woke up Sunday and there were little buds on my trees.  I worked in the yard…..a lot.  My body has an evil plot to bring me down so that I don’t enjoy this season called spring!

Dear Body:

I live in Texas.  Spring lasts for all of one week.  Two weeks during a good year.  Could you stop it!  No more snot!  The sneezing must quit.  The headache must go!  Now!



Rain, Rain, Go Away……..

I don’t know if anyone heard about the flooding we had in Houston yesterday, but it was bbbbbaaaadddd!!!!!  The garage in our office building – flooded.  My street in my subdivision……flooded. 

On second thought,  it wasn’t that bad of a deal.  I got my car home before the flooding hit.  I got a day off of work because no one could make it in.  I took a two hour nap.  Maybe it wasn’t that bad! 

Back to work today.  The garage is still flooded.  The controls for the A/C are in the garage.  It is 54 degrees in my office.  I am dressed for 83 degree weather.  Brrrrrrrr!

Dentists and Doctors and Blood Suckers..Oh My!

Sheri wasn’t a good planner when setting appointments a few weeks ago. One son must go to the allergist, one Sheri must go to the endocrinologist where she will be met by the blood sucker to check her levels (please cholesterol, be down), and youngest son must go to the dentist….for seven fillings!

Can anyone say CA-Ching?

Other than that I will be sitting here with my umbrella and winter coat watching out the window waiting for the cold front/rain storm that should be approaching. They say it should be here by going home time (Fan-Freakin-Tastic). Supposedly it was 29 in Dallas this morning. Is that possible? I mean with all the hot biotches we know that live there, how could it possibly be that cold!

That’s it for today. Remember, tomorrow is S.H.I.T. Day (So Happy It’s Thursday), or as I like to call it – Friday Eve! Woo Hoo!

I Told You It Was Cold!

It snowed today…..in Houston!  All the kids kept sending me text messages telling me it was snowing.  Apparently out where we live (which is only 20 minutes from where I work) it was snowing pretty hard.  We even made the news!  By my office?  Well, if you looked really hard, a small flurry would flutter by.  Still, this is exciting stuff for Houston!

Now we need to get to sleep so that in the morning we can listen to how bad the driving conditions are.  My boss doesn’t care about driving conditions.  We just better be there…..the end!

Since I’m trying to get to bed early, I will go, but really, it doesn’t help.  Now I lay in bed and think about the fact that I should be sleeping instead of actually sleeping!

Brrrrrr, It’s Cold Out There

When I got into my car at 4:45 p.m, it was 76 degrees.  Just now at 9:00?  42 degrees.  Down here in Texas that’s what we call cold!  The weather forecasters are telling us to take care of the three P’s – People, Pipes, & Pets!  What about plants?  Oh yeah, those two.  When I leave in the morning I will get to see everyone’s bedding.  I never did get used to that.  People cover their plants with sheets down here. 

Onto other news, I paid $1.34/gallon for gas yesterday.  Today one of the stations had it at $1.29.  Can I get a Woo Hoo!?!  I just may put an SUV back onto the Christmas list!  Just kidding.  How could I ever get rid of the car that bore the Just Married sign when visiting Plano?

I do have a question.  If airlines started charging for checked luggage due to gas prices, and Fedex started charging a fuel surcharge due to gas prices, how come they are STILL charging when gas prices have hit an all time low?  Anyone else wonder the same thing?

I guess I’ll let you go.  I went to the Cardiologist for my annual check-up so that he can renew my meds.  My blood pressure was up while in his office.  I asked him “well, have YOU ever had to try to find a parking spot in the garage at the hospital?”  Yeah, I bet his would be up too!  Then he started this “old” shit.  Like ordering a full blood work-up because, “well at your age we should start checking cholesterol and such yearly.”  At my age?  What, a WHOLE year older than last?  LOL.  I know, it’s for my own good and I will get it done. Early detection and treatment is the key to a long and healthy life. 

He’s not all that bad.  He also said that at my age I should drink a glass of red wine every night and get more sleep.  See?  I like this guy!

With that being said…..yawn…..night, night!


Schools are closed. I don’t have to get up and get ready and yet…I’m wide awake. That’s just not right. At 6:00 am we get a recorded message from the school district that due to the inclement weather, the district is closed. That it all nice that they would do that for students and parents, but the recorded message WAS IN SPANISH! Does that mean that the district is closed only if you are Hispanic and/or bilingual? Thank goodness I speak Spanish or I might be getting ready for work.

I did go outside to see what it was like. I donned my big fluffy robe, my warm fuzzy slippers and braved the elements with camera in hand. Wouldn’t you know that I got as far as my car, clicked a picture and ran back in…it is cold people.
As you can see, my car is covered in ice. This is Houston, we don’t do this well.