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Ch, ch, ch, changes!

Yeah, it’s that whole “I hate making up titles” thing.

What do you think of the new look?  Bright and cheery, no?  It reminds me of my weekend.  How?  Well it’s green.  Guacamole is green.  I made a lot of guacamole this weekend.  Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate.  Cold and rainy Saturday, cold and windy Sunday.  About the only thing that got accomplished as far as yard work was fertilizing.  Yes, I seem to provide my neighbors with much comic relief.  Me, the fertilizer spreader, big black clouds, then BAM-the skies opened and we were deluged with rain.  Did this stop me?  Hell to the no!  I was determined to fertilize!  It wasn’t pretty, but it got done.  I sure hope my neighbor doesn’t record any of the daily occurrences at my house.  Me, spreader, rain, running-not pretty!

My daughter and son-in-law came over for dinner yesterday.  We were talking about Easter.  I’m committed to going to my Mother-in-laws every holiday.  She doesn’t cook any more.  Basically, we all cram into a too small house and eat cold food.  But you know, there’s no guarantee as to how long we’ll have her.  She is an awesome lady so full of love.  Anyway, we eat early at her house.  I told the kids I would cook again and they could come over for dinner.  This brought up the convo of the grand baby.  My kids don’t like to go over to grannies because she’s old, it’s crowded, it’s far, it’s early, blah, blah, blah!  This made me wonder if my grandchild is going to feel the same way!  No, there is no way that will happen.  Those babies will be so spoiled every time they come over! (Look at me going plural already!  WTF?)

The way I look at it, grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children.  I will take full advantage of being able to send them home after sugaring them up and letting them do whatever they want!  LOL!  Kidding!  (kind of)


Better Today

I bought a Neti Pot.  I think I may have mentioned that before.  It’s gross but effective.  I don’t have that “crap, this is going to turn into a full blown infection” feeling.  I’m also taking Allegra D.  I’m not sure which is helping the most, but between the two, I should be able to get my drink on this weekend!

Texas weather is so funny.  Last week we were bundling up in coats and scarves for our nightly walk.  This week we were stripping off layers during our walk.  Yesterday it hit 80 degrees and I would guess about 90% humidity.  Gotta love it!

I guess I’ve procrastinated enough.  I just realized we have a little over a month to get our taxes done.  Where did the time go?  This year we may get something back (shhhhh, don’t say that too loud).

While I’m thinking about it, I have a question.  As I’ve mentioned about a gajillion times, I’m going to be a grandmother this summer.  An acquaintance has a full Nursery suite full of furniture that he is selling for $200.  When I say full, I mean, crib, changing table, rocker, dresser, mattress, travel playpen, and stroller with infant seat.  That’s a good deal.  My husband’s response when I said that I needed to clean out Jessica’s room and turn it into a nursery was “a nursery?  We don’t need a nursery.  The baby won’t be here THAT much.”  Today I mentioned it to one of my bosses.  His reaction?  Almost exactly word for word as my husband’s. 

Is it just me?  My theory is, if his daughter comes to visit with her 1.5 year old, she will need to sleep somewhere.  His other daughter has two and is due with the third in May.  If they come to visit, again, the crib will be useful.  Of course I’m going to babysit as much as my daughter will let me.  Again, having a crib will be handy.  Plus, I have two boys who will eventually find good women and will give me many more grand babies (key word – eventually).

Who agrees with me?

Well It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

I can’t believe this blog used to get updated daily.  Since it’s not, that means either my life has become very boring, or, I’ve gotten smarter about what and what not to share with the world.  I’d like to believe that everyone who visits and reads this loves me.  I mean really, who wouldn’t?  LOL.  For those that don’t know me, that was my attempt at humor.

Let’s see, since the last update my sister came to visit.  It was a good visit.  It seems that we tolerate each other the older we get, and by older I mean not older but wiser cause really, thirty something isn’t old!  What?  Look, thirty something can mean different things to different people.  I’m about to have my 12th anniversary of my 30th birthday.  Whatever!  Gah!

As I said before, my daughter got married on January 1st.  While my sister was in town we had a wedding “reception” for them.  Good times.  I really love his family.  They are good people. 

My oldest son happened to turn 21 that same weekend.  Where did the time go?  I’m not used to the legality of his drinking. 

My daughter found out she is having a girl.  I didn’t tell you she was pregnant?  Come on, put two and two together people.  It was a surprise, but now that we have seen the ultrasound, heard the heart beat, and know that we are having a girl, I am so completely head over heals ecstatic about it.  My daughter and her husband are looking for a house.  When she told me where they were looking I said “Absolutely not.  My grand baby can not be that far away!”  So it was only 15 minutes.  But 15 MINUTES!  That’s like forever away!

The clock seems to be ticking and that magic hour of “shit, I really need to get to work” is upon me.  Enjoy this update and check back soon!


OMG! I Was Almost One Of THOSE Moms!

See, I told you I’d be back.  Second post in as many days!  Score!  Since I’ve been away for so long, it’s a lengthy one!  Lucky you!

One of the things that was going on in my life over the summer was the moving out of my daughter when she turned 19.  Prior to her moving out she was living at home an attending community college.

What happens when a sweet, pretty, smart 19 year old girl meets a 23 year old smart, good looking, got it together kind of guy?  Well, no, they didn’t get married, she didn’t get knocked up, but they did move in together.  OK, STOP!  Don’t get all judgemental on me, or on her for that matter.  Things like that make me stabby (it’s a word)! 

Would I have liked her to marry 1st?  Of course.  But then again, your talking to a person on her 2nd marriage.  Would I rather them live together first and make sure they can stand each other over jumping into marriage then getting a divorce?  My answer is yes.

Anyway, back to the title.  The dynamics of our (hers and mine) relationship has changed.

I don’t know if I have the time or the writing etiquette to spell out how it’s changed, but it has.  We did so much together and she was always my helper when she lived at home.  She was my only girl lucky enough to be born between two boys.  We shopped together, cooked together, watched our shows together, and the list goes on and on.  Even though we did all of this together, there was still the mother/daughter understanding.  I was somewhat in control (yeah, right.  I’d be rolling my eyes at that too).

Now that she’s gone, it is hard for me not to call her on Saturday night and ask what she’s doing, who she’s with, who’s driving, what time they will be home, etc., etc.  I also had to get used to not talking with her every single day.  She’s busy, I’m busy, time goes by and low and behold, before we know it, it’s been a week since we’ve talked. 

Again, back to the title.  Have I ever mentioned about my A D D?  Well, now you know.

Anyway, last week I realized I hadn’t heard from her.  It was Friday.  I called, she didn’t answer.  Usually she’ll call me back when she’s available.  Two hours went by – nothing.  I texted.  An hour went by – nothing.  By this time my “mother-dar” was going “ding, ding, ding!  Something is not right.”  I called again.  She finally answered.  She sounded like shit!  I couldn’t tell if she’d been crying, upset, sick, or if perhaps aliens had come in and invaded her body!  I finally figured out that she was sick.  She told me her fever hadn’t gone below 102 since Monday.  Remember, it’s now Friday.

I went into mom mode.  You know, what have you eaten, taken, done, not done, drank, etc., etc.  When she told me that during the day she ate one, as in uno, singular chicken nugget and drank ONE, again, as in uno, bottle of water, I went nuts.  I was all “do you have Gatorade?”  “No.”  “Do you have Sprite?”  “No.”  “Do you have chicken soup?”  You guessed it, “No.”

Then I asked where boyfriend was.  We’ll just refer to him as “Z”.  He was working 12 hour shifts all week and wouldn’t get off until midnight.  Now hold onto your hats.  Ask me what Z does.  Go ahead.  Ask.  He is an EMT!  In other words, he saves peoples life….daily!  I asked if he knew she was sick.  She said no.  Why?  She didn’t tell him. 

OK, wouldn’t YOU know if the person you were laying next to in bed (still trying to grasp that) had a 102 fever?  Her answer to that with all her 19 year old wisdom, “He’s a man, mom, of course he won’t notice!”  See, I did raise her well.

While we were talking she started hacking up a lung and telling me her chest and back hurt. I decided I needed to go over there. 

I changed from my jammies at 9:30 p.m. on a rainy night, went to the store and stocked up on “sick” food, then headed to her apartment.  When I got there she was burning with fever, wearing sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt, a sweat shirt, and was wrapped in two blankets!  (Yeah, I guess I didn’t succeed in the “what not to do when you have a fever” lesson).

I got her unwrapped, food and liquid in her, medicated her, then when the fever came down to 100, I asked her where the vacuum was.  Yes, I’m ashamed to admit it.  I was THAT mom.  I quickly rescinded my comment, but the damage was done.  She gave me that “this is my place, damn it” look.  I deserved it.

So, I made sure she was OK, gave the dog food and water, took him out, then I went home.  I did not vacuum, sweep, or do the dishes.  I did not pick up the empty water bottles, fold the towels, or anything of the like.  This?  This is BIG!  Like HUGE!  Like a jumbo jet landing in the Hudson huge.  With all my OCD tendencies, I was able to respect that this is HER place, not mine! 

Snaps for me?!?

Sorry for the lengthiness of the post.  It’s been a while.  I’ve saved up a lot of words to bore entertain you with!  See you tomorrow?

Weekend Freedoms

Weekends.  I love them!  This past weekend was spent doing some things I don’t do on a regular basis.  You know, like relaxing.  No schedules. Nothing.  Just relaxing! 

Now the relaxing wasn’t entirely my idea.  A few things played into my plans.  The first being the lack of funds.  I love living on a cash only basis.  Really, I do!  It makes me be a little more creative about how I spend my time. 

For instance:

At least I tried by you.

I attempted to make a cake….from scratch!

My mother would not be happy by you.

My mother would be disappointed.  I guess when your baking powder expires in 1999, it won’t help the cake rise!

I want to come up! by you.

Daughter called me up and asked if I could babysit.   How could I say no?

Bwahahaha!  You can't get me! by you.

Oreo, however, was not amused!

Who could resist this face by you.

Could you say no to such a cutie?

Thanks to my daughter by you.

This is what I charged for babysitting.  She had to bring some “chic flicks’ over.

When all else fails by you.

By the end of the night, I may have had a little of this!  Yes, that is my bed side table.  When you have drinking aged children in the house, you hide the good stuff!

Other than that, my weekend was restful.  I may have acquired an addiction to Farm Town.  Yes, I think that’s what you call it when you are harvesting crops while brushing your teeth before church!

Have a great week!

I Totally Forgot What I Was Going To Blog About

I guess I’ll have to pull something out of my ass!  Lucky you it’s a big ass so I should be able to come up with something.

Thinking, thinking……Oh, I know.  My neighbor taught me a new phrase that her and her family use.

She’s got a gajillion kids, grand kids, spouses of kids, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, neighbors, etc., etc.  She is a very kind woman.  She is also very wise.  You can imagine that people call her regularly for advice, to vent, for recipes (this woman can cook), etc., etc.

I was sharing with her that now that two of my kids are grown, our relationship has changed.  I’m still mom, but they are adults, not children.  Sometimes they call for advice, sometimes to vent, sometimes just to say hey.  The only problem is, I’m still mom and I don’t always like to hear what they are telling me.  On that same note, I still feel that I need to solve the world’s problems (including theirs). 

Having an adult child is much like having a small child, the difference is the stove just gets hotter and the toys more expensive.  When your child is small, you tell them repeatedly not to touch the stove, it’s hot.  We all know the more you tell a child not to do something, the more inclined they are to do it.  Eventually they touch the stove, get burned and learn not to do that again.

In a certain sense, you can tell your adult children that they shouldn’t do this or that because…….you know the rest.  Usually our adult children think they know better, usually try whatever it is and occasionally end up getting burned.  Lesson usually learned.

My neighbor has a rule with her family.  If they call needing advice or wanting to vent, they will say “can I dip into your bucket”. 

If she is tired or going through a difficult situation she’ll say, “no, my bucket is empty, but I’ll be glad to listen.”  Sometimes that’s all it takes.  People feel better just talking about a situation and aren’t always calling to get a solution.

Sometimes she will say “my buckets full, do you need a suggestion or just an ear?” 

I think that’s awesome.  What a great way to communicate.  She (especially with her children) is distinguishing if she needs to be worried and help come up with a solution, or if she just needs to be the “go to” person, someone they know will listen without judgment.

So now you know, if I ever call (or email) and say “Can I dip into your bucket”, you will know that I’m not being nasty!  Bwahahahaha

I Have The Urge

Like I do every Spring, I get the urge to shop, clean, garden, clean, etc., etc.  It seems to hit me every year over the Easter Holiday.  As is the norm, I usually never get half the stuff done that I want to.

Here is a list of things I’d like to do over my three day weekend:

  • Go to the gym at least twice
  • drink
  • eat
  • spend time with the family doing something like family games or bowling (OK, there is a little mommy/geekiness to me)
  • drink
  • clean out my closet
  • drink
  • shop for clothes
  • eat/drink
  • shop for pretties for the yard
  • drink
  • clean out the garage
  • drink

How many of these things will actually get done?

I’m Not Disowned…..YET!

It seems that Sheri has been taking up a whole lot of slack for me since I have been MIA.  I’m currently going through several changes in life and have been a very bad blogger.  Thanks Sheri …..I owe you big time, but I’ll try and do better.

Some of you know that I have gone completely self employed since the end of May of last year.  Business has been crazy and I have found myself biting off a bit more than I can chew or leaving very little time for anything else.  My biggest problem is saying NO when I’m called to take a new patient.  I know that in business there are peaks and valleys, but I’m still waiting for a valley (I’m not bitching…this is a good problem).

When I started this venture, I calculated that if I could keep my patient load at 12 patients per week that I could produce a comparable income, pay my taxes and still be  a little ahead.  As it turns out, companies have been happy with my patient care, some patients that go back on service are requesting me and I have kept a patient load of about 16 to 20 patients a week (I’m tired…but again, It is a good problem to have).  All in all, I absolutely love my job and feel that I am using my skills to the fullest, unlike in the school district where I was limited to pediatrics and school based OT.

Since G2 is ready to move on to a University this fall, I have planned something very special for the both of us.  The deposit has been made so it is official, he and I are going to……………

We are going to spend a week in Greece this summer (G2 picked the destination).  It is perfect for both of us because we both love history and for a “sports fanatic” person like G2, of course it is the birthplace of the Olympics.  I need to bone up on my knowledge of Greek Mythology so that I have a better understanding of all the temples we will be visiting and no, we will not be taking Zeus on the trip (even though the pup would love it).

It is also time to do something for me.  I have spent many years putting my wants aside while we raise our son.  Even though this trip is a gift for him, very few have even a clue on how important it is to me.  It represents finding myself and learning other cultures and the people that keep their culture alive.

So for now I bid you Αντίο and I’ll be back soon!

Hump Day

Yes, that pretty much describes it.  It’s foggy.  Yuck.  I’ve driven to work for three days in the fog.  My brain is now foggy. 

Youngest has been on spring break this week.  He’s 15.  He can’t drive and I won’t let him hang with those who can.  He’s been stuck at the house.  Well, he’s also be sick.  He has been fighting the flu since last Thursday.  I was just about to cave and take him to the doctor when his fever finally broke.  According to him, “he’s about 85% better”.  He did inform me that the other 15% still needed ice cream and some TLC. 

Maybe a vacation is in order.  Yes, I think I’ll take Friday off.  It’s supposed to be nice.  I think a 3 day weekend is just what the doctor ordered.  A 3 day weekend of no lists, just doing whatever, whenever.  Hmmmm, better go ask boss.

With that, I’ll leave you with a picture.  This was taken during our trip to Vegas.  Can’t you just taste them? 

strawberries by you.

Weather Advisory

I’m not a weatherman, and they aren’t predicting snow, but I know better.  Be prepared.  On what do I base this?  Well, let’s see.  Oldest son was sitting in the kitchen yesterday while I was getting everything out to start dinner.  When I told him I was going to grill chicken breast he asked if I meant outside, like on the real grill.  Uhm, is there any other way?  When I said yes, he said he’d grill for me.  When I picked my jaw up off the ground, not only did he grill, he helped choose the side dishes. 

But wait, it gets better.

After we were done eating, youngest son cleared the dishes……and put them in the dishwasher…….without being nagged asked!

I laid awake last night waiting for the sky to fall!