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The Boring Life Of Me!

Well, it’s not really boring.  It’s actually very busy.  But tell me, do you want to hear about me going to the gyno?

I didn’t think so.  But, it seems that when you are over 40, there are a lot more questions to answer.  The “M” word came up.  You know, menopause!  What a funny word.  If you break it down, it looks like a pause in men.  Really?  Doubtful!  Oh, and I have to get “the girls” squashed annually.  Apparently six years since my last one is a bit too long.

I would love to talk about work because really, the people I work with are SOOOOO entertaining.  I can’t though as I get stalked occasionally.  But really, there is enough crazy in the world, do you need to hear more?

My oldest son had to go to court yesterday for a traffic violation.  He stayed up all night worrying about it.  He had to appear before the judge.  This time the officer did make an error.  I don’t stick up for my kids unless they are truly in the right.  This time the officer ticketed the wrong driver and, when my son showed him the discrepancy at the scene, the office replied “I am ticketing you because I can.  If you don’t like it, take it up with the judge!”

I really wish I could tell the officer to take his asshole dial and turn it down a few thousand notches!  The ticket was dismissed so all is well.

I can tell you about my crazy neighbors.  Well, crazy in a good way.  We are quite the characters of the neighborhood.  Neighbor 1 who I will call E got this machine.  We call it “the jiggler”.  You get on this big vibrating machine and it supposedly jiggles your fat away.  According to neighbor #2 it “feels sexy”.  We don’t go in the room while neighbor #2 is on the jiggler.  I wish I knew the proper name.  It cost about $2500 and apparently the astronauts use it for muscle strength and tone.  Supposedly you burn 400 calories while standing on it for 20 minutes.  If it works I may marry it!

Guess I better go.  I burned a vaca day yesterday.  No, not because of the gyno, but more because I could.  When you work in romper room, sometimes a day off is just what the doctor ordered.


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  1. * Kat says:

    I would love to hear about the gyno, but only if you vajazzled. 🙂 hahahaha Good for M for sticking up for himself – it’s nice to see him win a battle for a change. 🙂 Days off are always good! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Kat says:

    Sure is dusty in here… one would think with all the pictures of the new baby you could find something to blog about. 🙂 hahahaha

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 10 months ago

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