Celebrating Women for the Real World

Because It Doesn’t Take Much!

It really doesn’t.

I was in an extremely pissy, irritated, agitated mood today.  Why?  Well, if I knew THAT then I’d be a frickin genius!  I don’t know.  I just am.

Well, was.

Then I looked at the side of the road while sitting at a light and saw two birds having quite a time.  Talk about bow chica bow bow!  Yes, spring is in the air.

The funniest part?  You could tell the female from the male.  The male when finished walked around with his chest out and if he could talk, would have said “yeah, that’s right, I’m da man!” 

The female?  After she swatted him a way a few times after he was, er, done, she wanted to be left alone and was sitting there “grooming”.  If she could talk she would have been saying “Good God, it wasn’t THAT good.  Now get out of here.  You bug me!”

Right?  I know!  It’s scary how my mind works.


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  1. * Kat says:

    I guess that’s why we’re friends because I often give animals their own line of conversation in my head. Spring is definitely in the air – I’ve seen bird and squirrels chasing each other all over the place! My song birds are back in my backyard in the mornings too, I don’t know if they actually went away, but they weren’t out singing so heartily for a while.

    Funny how sometimes the smallest of things can change our moods so quickly. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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