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The DISC Model of Human Behavior

I did part two of this whole figuring out who I am.  Do a little Google search on DISC Model of Human Behavior to find out more about this test. 

Basically you answer questions, figure out numbers, and end up with two graphs.  One graph indicates   how you think people expect you to behave.  It’s your normal guarded and masked behavior.  Graph number two is entitled “This is me”.  It is your response to how you feel and think under pressure-how you really feel and think inside.  It’s your normal unguarded and unmasked behavior.  There is a middle line on the graph.  All points above the middle are your strong points, the points below are your weaker points.  Most people are a blend of two behaviors.

On graph one (the way I think about myself) I only had one letter above the mid-line.  According to me, I’m an “I”.  “I” stands for inspiring, influencing, inducing, impressing, interactive, interested in people.  I pretty much agree with this.

According to the second graph (my normal unguarded and unmasked behavior) “I” and “S” are above the line and the other two are ON THE LINE!  Basically that means I fall into EVERY category with I & S being my strongest points.  How can that be?  My friend summed it up this way:  “You are a people pleas-er and an enabler.  You try to be all things to all people at all times.”  Wow!  She’s right!

We already covered what “I” stands for.  I am an “I/S” blend.  “S” stands for Steady, stable, shy, security-oriented, servant, submissive, specialist. 

OK, shy?  Really?  Submissive?  LOL.  I don’t agree with those, but the others are a big YES! 

What happens when you get an “I/S” blend?  Oh boy, are you sure you really want to know? 

OK, you’re still reading so I guess you do.  Here you go:

Inspirational Specialists.  I am influential and stable (ha).  I love people and people love me (I do love people).  I like to please (dahhhhhh) and serve others (have you ever been to my house?  You will not leave hungry and you may have a bag of stuff that I think you just can’t leave without).  I do not like time controls or difficult tasks (I LOVE time controls; difficult tasks?  Well as an example, if you need help with a home improvement project, the only way you’ll get me over to your house to help is by not saying “home improvement project” but saying something like “I have a bottle of wine I’m about to open, want to come over?”)  I want to look good (yup) and encourage others (definitely), but often lack organizational skills (hell to the no!  I am uber organized.  Maybe a little OCD).  I follow directions and do what I’m told (Hold on, I think coffee may have just squirted out of my nose, nough said).  I should be more concerned about what to do than with whom I should get to do it (not me.  Usually people are all “You don’t have to do it ALL.  Let someone else help).  I am motivated by interactive and sincere opportunities to help others (yup).  Regardless of being up front or behind the scenes, I influence and support others (I try to).  I make a good friend and obedient worker (jury is still out on the latter but I always try to be a good friend).

Not a bad assessment.  In fact it’s pretty spot on! 

Since you all FAILED at de-lurking in the last post, I won’t ask you if you think this is an accurate assessment.  No!  Don’t tell me.  Don’t even THINK about telling me!   

Happy Friday my friends!  (That’s happy FRIDAY; not BIRTHDAY!  LOL) 

What? That last statement didn’t make sense?  Well, if you WANT to leave a comment and ask me what that means, that’s fine.  If enough people ask I may let you in on the little funny!

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  1. * Kat says:

    For the record, I did not fail at delurking, not that I was lurking in the first place, but still. I’ll ask – whatcha talking about?

    As far as following directions, I think you did a fabulous job of being ordered around by me when we put up suz’s party. 🙂 I am not bossy I am assertive… 😉

    So, which personality test are you going to take next and how many do you have to go through before you accept that you are good and caring person who is quite capable of anything. 🙂 You don’t have to post results from a test for me to know all your good qualities. 🙂 I wish you didn’t have to take one to see them. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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