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A Sippy Cup For My Kashi?

kashi car seat

Originally uploaded by sheri_and_suzan

Not once, but twice! Two times on a Friday morning I’ve dumped my oatmeal upside down…..in the car!

I eat my oatmeal from a travel mug on the way to work. The mug keeps it hot and the eating of said yumminess makes sitting a traffic a wee bit more tolerable.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a light two blocks from my house. While picking up the cup, I clipped the radio/CD players thing. Upside down! It was everywhere. I eat the healthy stuff – Kashi oats and crap. My car smelled like a plant for two weeks! I’m not kidding. It slid down the console, on the mat, on the carpet, everywhere!

Today….same scenario, same cup, same light. There was a little chill in the air-perfect for Oatmeal. I go to pick up my cup…..bwammo! Upside down….Ugh!


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  1. * christie says:

    ewww oatmeal, hehe

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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