Celebrating Women for the Real World


That word describes my weekend.  We had some kick ass weather this weekend in H-Town.  Low in the 50’s high in the 80’s!  Humidity pretty much non existent!  Wow!  If we could have a few more weekends like that I may just lose my stabbiness (word)!

I’m not one to crave waking at Oh Dark 30 to hit the garage sales.  SuZan says you get the best deals when you’re first.  Pfffft.  When she suggested venturing out for a day of garage sale-ing AND she suggested not leaving until 8 a.m., I was in! 

Let me tell you, not only is Suz the decorator extraordinaire, she is also a garage sale expert!  As we drove to the 1st neighborhood, all of a sudden she slammed on her breaks.  I’m all like “WTF?” and she was all “Look, right there, a table….it would be perfect for your living room!”  I’m still going “Huh?  Where?  I don’t see……Ohhhhhhhhh, let’s stop”.

Sho nough the table was perfect.  The table happened to have a friend named side table.  The coffee table was originally marked $120 and the side table $80.  I got both for $75!  Score!

Now, you may think “What?  She buys stuff from a garage sale for her house?”  Yes, I sure do.  I have A D D as well as a multitude of other disorders (just ask my husband.  Apparently I have a house work and cooking disorder as well).  People who have A D D tend to change things often and tire of them quickly.  In two years, who can gripe if I get rid of tables I paid $75 for?  Exactly.  Plus, I’m slowly kicking, encouraging my children to leave the nest.  I figure my garage sale purchases will make perfect furniture to help feather my children’s nest as they leave!

You want pictures?

Side Table by sheri_and_suzan.

Coffee Table by sheri_and_suzan.

Detail by sheri_and_suzan.

Sorry about the blurriness of the pic.  I was trying to show the detail.  Those tassel things?  They match the tassel things in my wall paper!  Triple score!

Better get back to work!  I hope everyone has an AWESOME day!


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