Celebrating Women for the Real World

Thursday Already?

My goodness!  What a busy week!  Let’s see, I had to prepare paperwork and counsel bosses so they could fire someone.  I got a raise (that’s a good thing). I am learning some extra responsibilities to help cover the desk of one of the secretaries who is having surgery.  To top it off, this is our busy season at the firm.  Three out of four days I was greeted at the door before I could put my purse down and get my coffee by bosses who “want this done IMMEDIATELY!”  Yes, that is in all caps for a reason.  Say it like you mean it.  IMMEDIATELY!

The fam and I and Suz and her son went to Cirque De Soleil.  Wow!  Very awesome.  If anyone ever asks, yes, Suz and I have as much trouble sitting still as the kids.  I think is was because it was so hot!  To top it off, Suz and I were nodding off right before intermission.  Not because the show was boring, but because we have both been SLAMMED (yes, again with the all caps).   I think that was the longest that we both sat in one place without taking care of 10 things at the same time.

I’m taking tomorrow off.  Of course, that meant staying til 7:00 to get stuff done so I can take off.  Oh, and I will be working by phone tomorrow to take care of a few loose ends that I couldn’t have taken care of today.  I will also have to go into the office Saturday to reboot the server and power on the workstations.  Other than that, this should be a nice, relaxing weekend.

Finally, Suz leaves Saturday for Greece.  Can you believe it?  It’s finally here.  I will be living vicariously through her.  Check back, she may be posting updates!

In case I don’t get back to the blog before Monday, have a great weekend!


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