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Friday Finale – Bedside Edition

Yes my friends, it’s Friday.  What makes it even better?  I took a vaca day today.  I’m lovin this.  I slept til 7:30, I’m enjoying (well kinda-more on this later) my 2nd cup of coffee, and I’m watching Regis & Kelly.  I would be blogging from the patio, but it’s only 53.  That’s a little too cold for me!

This week in review.  Let’s see.  Youngest son has been sick all week, oldest son is giving me more grey hair daily, my daughter impresses me with her toughness (more on this too), and Spring has sprung (love this).  I also realized that I’m NOT Irish and drinking on a weeknight may not be in my best interest.  Suz and I are such big drinkers (cough).  She had almost an entire small margarita.  I on the other hand had a large and 1/2 of a small.  I know, such lushes.

To expound on the coffee.  Last night I realized that we were out of Splenda.  Husband had to run to the corner store for something I won’t buy him.  I asked him to pick-up Splenda.  The corner store only had sweet n low.  Blach.  My coffee tastes NASTY.  One of the items toward the top of my list to do today is to head to Sams and get a huge box of Splenda.  I will then immediately come home and make more coffee….and enjoy it on the patio!

Youngest son will be going to the emergency clinic today.  I can’t like this.  We have the most stupid insurance ever.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield HMO Blue Texas.  Can I just say IT SUCKS!  His doctor took a vaca this week (horror).  I asked if there was an on call doc.  The nurse said no but you can call another doctor.  Um, no, I can’t.  With this insurance, you literally have to call the insurance company, give them the other doctor’s name, get approval, call new doctor, get appt., then give up your first born an all of the money in your 401K.  Have you ever called the insurance company?  When I finally got someone with a brain, guess what?  They couldn’t talk to me.  I’m not the policy holder.  I’m just the ex-wife.  After an hour I decided it will be much easier to go to the clinic and drop $100 bucks!  Grrrrrrrr.

As for the oldest son?  Son, please.  You are 20.  How much longer before you realize that life isn’t all fun and games.  There is also responsibility.  Please start taking some….soon!

Now for the daughter.  She is quite the bull.  Her sign is Leo the lion.  It fits her well.  We often joke that she being the apple didn’t fall far from the tree (me).  In some cases it would be the nut falling from the tree (tee he – love you).  One way that we are very different is that I want everyone to be happy.  I will sacrifice for others even when the sacrifice is not deserved.  She will sacrifice when it’s deserved, but when it’s not?  Oh baby, don’t mess with her. 

I think I’ve mentioned the boyfriend.  He’s not a bad kid.  But see, she is 18 going on 25.  He is 19 going on 16.  I keep telling her  that it takes longer for boys to mature.  Well, to be fair, I’ll say “most” boys.  There are some that have it together.  Yesterday they were going to go to the rodeo again.  Pat Green was playing.  They were going to take youngest son and his friend.  My daughter works until 6:30.  We live in Houston.  The concert starts at 8:00.  No problem you say?  Now, add Houston traffic.  Yup!  They were going to cut it close.  But my daughter had it all figured out.  She would pick up son’s friend on the way home.  Son was to be ready (he was – he knows how daughter rolls), boyfriend was to be here waiting to leave.  He wasn’t.  In fact, when she called him expecting him to say he was maybe 5 minutes away, he was still in Tomball, needed to “wipe down his truck” and shower.  She was ready to go.  She and the boys left.  boyfriend was just leaving to meet her here.  She didn’t care.  She tried calling him about 10 times.  He didn’t answer.  His game was, if he didn’t answer, she wouldn’t leave.  Ha!  She left.  When will he learn?

Well, I guess I better get on with my day.  Things planned for today – make bed, take dog for walk, take some stuff to storage, wash car, shower, take son to clinic, possibly take boys bowling, then home.  Tomorrow I hope to fit it some flower planting, sons to get hair cut, son to mall to get shoes and some shirts (he’s growing like a weed), a trip to his real doctor to pick up another prescription called in earlier, then make dinner for some visitors.  At some point I’m going to sit and do nothing.   Riiiiiiggggghhhht!

That’s all for now!  Peace out!


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  1. * Steve says:

    Enjoy that vaca day!! As for children ours are pretty close to the same age. DOES IT EVER END?!! God knows I love Sarah sooooo much but how did I end up being in charge of getting her car fixed this week while she is on Spring Break and out of town?!!! I think I have read you say it before. UNCONDITIONAL love….

    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  2. Oh lord…you mean the difficulty of parenting doesn’t end at the end of the toddler/preschooler age? Crap.

    Hang in there sister, it will be the weekend soon enough and then you can officially drink…wait…it’s Sunday now. Hopefully you already did!!!

    Jealous you saw Pat Green!!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  3. This is very up-to-date info. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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