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So Far, So Good!

The post below outlined my list of “mommy do’s”.  So far the gym didn’t happen but the dog did get a 30 minute walk; dinner didn’t get made but hubs and I went out for Chinese (somehow all the kids were gone!); the groceries were bought, and a pecan and a pumpkin pie are made!  Well, the pecan pie has 15 minutes left before it’s done. 

At 10:00 I asked hubs if he wanted coffee.  He reminded me that he has to work tomorrow.  Ooops!  But I can have coffee!  What?  I HAVE to stay up late.  Youngest son went out for the first time with a friend that drives.  He has a curfew.  I HAVE to stay up!

I just LOVE this holiday.  All of this “work” doesn’t seem like work!  Honey – don’t get any ideas!  I only like to cook for Thanksgiving!

I will share one quick recipe.  It’s a dip for fresh cut fruit.  Easiest thing EVER.  AND, you can change it up depending on the theme. The ingredients – one tub soft whipped cream cheese and one jar of marshmallow creme.  That’s it!  Since it’s Christmas Time, I used Strawberry cream cheese to serve with green apples and strawberries.  I went to a baby shower.  They served the strawberry mixture, but they also used regular white with a few drops of blue food color.  So cute!  Anyway, try this.  Yum!

Must go get pie out of oven.  If you don’t get to check back later then I’d like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. * Christie says:

    Happy thanksgiving 🙂

    It doesn’t seem like it for me (probably because I just had the baby 2 seconds ago)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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