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And the Accountability Is Where?

Two posts in one day.  Sorry.  Part of what I deleted has to be posted.  It just has to.

When I was in school and homework was assigned, you did it.  You did what it took to get it done.  The end.  If you didn’t turn it in the day it was due, too bad.  A big fat ZERO was put in the book.

In our school district, the kids now have THREE chances to turn in their homework.  If it’s not turned in on the due date, it can be turned in the following day for 20% off.  If it’s not turned in by the 2nd day it can be turned in on the 3rd day for 40% off.

Why then would a child make any effort to turn it in on time?  I mean 20% off is a B.  A B is passing.  Well, that’s average.  So a B then.  But 40% off is still passing, so 40% off it will be.  It’s still passing.

That’s how kids tend to think.  Not all kids.  My daughter for instance with her OCD tendencies – nothing but an A will do.  My sons?  They seem to take the stance of “why do today what you can put off til tomorrow.”

Now, if things progress, hypothetically I could see the following happen:

Eventually it won’t be fair that she always gets an A.  See, Johnny, he always turns his homework in late.  J?  She always turns hers in on time and it is done well.  So, I guess we’ll take her A away and give her a check mark for turning it in.  Then we’ll take part of her A and average it into Johnny’s grade and give him a B.  The check mark?  That’s equal to a B.  Johnny will have a B.  Everything will be fair and equal.  Oh, but she stayed up until two in the morning writing that paper and Johnny scribbled something down five minutes before class?  She still shouldn’t be rewarded for her hard work and effort because it’s not fair for someone who works hard to be rewarded and someone who doesn’t work hard to be treated differently.  It’s more fair for her to work hard, take part of her grade away, then give it to Johnny who didn’t.  Now it’s all fair.  Everyone gets B’s!

Sound familiar to any government plans we’ve heard of lately?

Why try to better ourselves when we can do just enough?


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  1. * Aimee says:

    This is your sandbox. I admit that and will respect that. But, I would like to point out.

    Some of us are still staying up until 2am in the morning. Doing the best we can. Turning the stuff in on time, and still only getting a F… due to no fault of our own.

    Take health care. I know the GOP likes to say that it is all about the illegals or those who don’t have a job. The problem isn’t about them. It’s about me!

    I have a job right now, and I have pretty good insurance. BUT, for 19 out of 35 months between November 2004 and today, … I had to pay over $500 a month for Cobra. Yes, I had to pay for Cobra for 19 months.

    Yes, I know our politicians talk about giving us $5000 rebate so that we can go out and buy our own health insurance. Great… but not enough. I was diagnosed with Chiari in August 2005. Guess what? Unless I am under a employer’s group plan… $25000 rebate wouldn’t be enough… because I flat out can’t get coverage.

    Pre-existing conditions that are blacklisted is a HUGE problem as to why people WITH jobs who are OCD like your daughter J… who do everything right… and still aren’t treated like humans or like we deserve to live.

    Where is the accountability in that?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * meritt says:

    I was reading about this system… and also about some districts doing tests this way too. TESTS! GAH!!!! Giving THREE chances to pass the test.


    We are dumbing down America.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  3. * Sheri says:


    I just wanted to point out that I wasn’t referring to insurance, but there definitely needs to be changes in that area as well. I’ve paid over $17,400 this year for health insurance for me and my husband. That’s it. Just two of us. Between the by-pass surgery, stroke and diabetes, I completely understand your concerns of pre-existing. But people like you and I? What makes us survivors instead of victims is we acknowledge what has to be done in order to have our needs met. In this case, the need is insurance. We may work at a job we don’t like and we do our job well because we NEED the insurance. If we make a change, we make a change that will meet our need. See, we are accountable. That was the main point I wanted to make.

    In my hypotheical post, my character Johnny didn’t stay up all night and put forth the effort. He spent five minutes and did a poor job. That’s why I don’t think he should get part of my daughter’s grade. Now, if he had done as you said and stayed up to work on the paper and studied and still only made an F, I still wouldn’t want him to have part of my daughter’s grade. Why? That wouldn’t be helping him at all. Instead I would work with him to help him find the best option. Maybe it would be dropping the class, changing majors, whatever. But I would still hold him accountable. I wouldn’t let him sit there and say he couldn’t do it.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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