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Goodyear Tire Sucks Big Fat Donkey Dicks

Remember my post about the expensive dinner that got me four new tires?  Remember that?  Yeah, well guess what, one of those f*ckers is flat!

We got our electricity back on last night.  Yes, I did the happy dance!  I found myself doing things in the dark because I forgot I could turn on a light.  You can imagine my glee when I woke up this morning with A/C and lights in which to shower AND SHAVE MY FREAKIN LEGS!  I had my coffee brewed, had hot oatmeal, dried and flat ironed my hair, make-up on, the whole nine yard.  I head to my car earlier than normal and anticipated finding a Starbucks to treat myself for enduring what I endured during the last week.  Things were really looking up.  Hubs has been out of town and returns tonight.  I was planning to make his homecoming, well, worth while. 

I got in the car, pulled out of the garage, and, hmmm, thought something just didn’t feel right.  After seeing that flat tire IT.WAS.OVER!  I lost it!  I called my boss in tears! I couldn’t imagine going into the office to work for an angry little man after waiting 2 hours to get my tire fixed.  Then fight my way through the traffic and fight my way through the grocery store for what meager food would be left on the shelves along with all the other angry people who are in my same predicament.  Boss number 2 told me I should probably take a mental health day.  Ya think?

Onto why Goodyear Tire sucks.  When I sold my first born in order to pay for the tires, I bought the roadside assistance.  I called the number that they told me to call.  They told me it would be two hours and asked for a credit card as all charges are PREPAID then refundable.  Ok, the guy was nice enough so I gave him my number.  He told me to call back and give them my case number should I need to cancel.  Then I called Suz cause everyone knows that Suz is the person to call.  She is AWESOME.  She told me to call back and cancel and that she would wake her hubs and have him come and fix the tire. 

I called Goodyear to cancel.  A not so perky woman told me that there was a $38 cancelation fee.  What?! I asked her if she realized that we’d just been through Ike, that I just got my power back on and I desparately need that money to buy a few groceries.  She didn’t care.  She asked if she should charge the $38 to the card used to prepay the $54 service call.  I then wanted to tell her to go fuck herself but decided not to.  I didn’t cancel.  Fucker.

I hope the Goodyear by my house has power and I hope they’re open today.  I hope my “independently owned and operated” store is ready to stroke me until I smile.  Right now, I’m not smiling.  I’m pissed!  Oh, and the perky man told me that the guy who comes to change my tire will give me info as to how to get $50 of the $54 refunded.  Guess what didn’t happen!

Here’s hoping that me, this angry little woman gets over her crappy ass mood and remembers that more bees are drawn by honey and not vinegar!

Peace out!


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  1. * Kat says:

    Oh man, that sucks! I’m sorry! I would think that the tire would still be under a warranty program… I get mine from Discount and a few times when one went kaput, it got replaced free of charge. At least you’ve got your power back, that’s a positive. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  2. * meritt says:

    Hmmm… Did you do a good deed for someone last week too?

    Cuz I posted about how whenever I do a good deed for people fate comes back and smacks me upside the head. Sounds like fate just smacked you too.


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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