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Tickle Tueday….and other stuff!

It’s not Monday; and it’s not Humpday, so it must be Tickle Tuesday.  Tickle Tuesday is our attempt to lighten your load and make your day a little brighter.   How many of us love Maxine?  I know that I do.  I think this has been out for a while but it is still funny.

Meet Max…

Men’s Answer to Maxine

Yep, that made you smile!  Now here is a bit of news that might just make you laugh out loud.  Did you know that “July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month”.  Who would have thought that you could put the words Cell Phone and Courtesy in the same sentence?  All over the Internet you can find lists of cell phone etiquette that we should observe during this month.

According to Jacqueline Whitmore, one of the nation’s foremost experts on etiquette and protocol, wireless phone users can take these steps to avoid offending others:

1. Be all there. When you’re in a meeting, performance, courtroom or other busy area, let calls go to voicemail to avoid a disruption. In some instances, turning your phone off may be the best solution.

2. Keep it private. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid discussing private or confidential information in public. You never know who may be in hearing range.

3. Keep your cool. Don’t display anger during a public call. Conversations that are likely to be emotional should be held where they will not embarrass or intrude on others.

4. Learn to vibe. Use your wireless phone’s silent or vibration settings in public places such as business meetings, religious services, schools, restaurants, theaters or sporting events so that you do not disrupt your surroundings.

5. Avoid “cell yell.” Remember to use your regular conversational tone when speaking on your wireless phone. People tend to speak more loudly than normal and often don’t recognize how distracting they can be to others.

6. Follow the rules. Some places, such as hospitals or airplanes, restrict or prohibit the use of mobile phones, so adhere to posted signs and instructions. Some jurisdictions may also restrict mobile phone use in public places.

7. Excuse yourself. If you are expecting a call that can’t be postponed, alert your companions ahead of time and excuse yourself when the call comes in; the people you are with should take precedence over calls you want to make or receive.

8. Send a message. Use Text Messaging to send and receive messages without saying a single word.

9. Watch and listen discreetly. New multimedia applications such as streaming video and music are great ways to stay informed and access the latest entertainment. However, adjust the volume based on your surroundings in much the same way that you would adjust your ringer volume. Earphones are a great way to avoid distracting others in public areas.

10. Alert silently. When using your phone’s walkie-talkie feature, send the person you’re trying to reach a Call Alert before starting to speak. If you’re around other people, turn off your phone’s external speaker and use the vibration setting to minimize any disturbance and to respect your contact’s privacy.


So when you catch your breath from laughing I want you to think.  How many of these etiquette suggestions have you seen broken so far this month?  If you dare to “fess up”  how many have you broken yourself this month? 

I’ll tell on myself with #7, I usually don’t answer my phone when I am with a patient but I did take a call from another therapist that I could not get a hold of.  I did however excuse myself and explained that I have not been able to speak to this person and it was just a few seconds to try to arrange for us to talk later on that day….I still felt guilty.

#8 + teenagers + sitting down to eat at the dinner table = one pissed off mama!  I DO NOT approve of texting at the dinner table….sorry….I’m still not in the 21st century.


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  1. * Sheri says:

    Let’s see. I think I’ve broken ALL of them.

    Is it propper to vibrate in church? Really?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  2. * Tammy says:

    How about: Don’t use your cell phone in the bathroom. I mean really. Not only can they hear YOU pee, they can here me pee too.

    How embarrassing. But it happens all the time.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  3. * Kami says:

    What Tammy said. Gah, people.

    And I can’t stand when people don’t hang up when they’re checking out at the store or a food place. SO RUDE!!

    But really? Texting? I can’t believe she suggests that. Some here in these parts think that’s just the evil of all evils.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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