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Nope, No Pictures

Sorry.  My camera broke so I have to depend on everyone else.  We have a shit ton of pics, but they are on my daughter’s camera.  Have I seen daughter in the last 48 hours?  Not much.  I will stay on her until I get them.  I promise.

Well, we got through graduation.  In my opiniion, boys are so much easier to deal with during events such as this.  College kid showed up for his graduation.  That’s it, the end.  Daughter?  We had crying, melt downs, laughter, fun, melt down again, pretty dresses, the “right” shoes (seriously – we got home with two right shoes), and lot’s of money flying out of my pocket.  I don’t know if I was more excited when they called her name because she’s closing a chapter of her life and starting another, or, if I was so freakin happy to have a small break in the drama! 

I told my daughter to savor the moment.  Enjoy the last walk through school, the senior breakfast, the processional to her seat, etc.  I told her to really listen when they call her name, walk slowly and enjoy the moment, look out at all the people who are watching, and really absord the “wow” moment.  She did.  Again we experienced the whole apple/tree thing.  She found us in the audience of 9,000.  She waved from her seat and blew us a kiss.  When they called her name, she stopped and acted like she was really listening, then when she was sure they called her name, she did the princess wave across the stage.  I was so proud.  That’s my girl!

We as parents talk about defining moments.  I had one of those when my daughter told me that she realized that from this point forward, no one will be telling them what to do next, when to be there, why, etc.  She said that she realized that every decision she makes is totally going to affect her life for here on out.  That’s when I felt like I might have done something right along the way.

Speaking of doing something right, I guess I should end this post or I’ll be going to the office in my bath robe.  Believe me, no one wants that!  I will tell you that I turned 40 on Sunday.  It was GREAT!  I did exactly what I wanted to do which didn’t require me moving my butt off the couch for very long.  If it wasn’t on the couch, it was floating in the pool!  Loved it!  Now, when I do stupid stuff I shrug it off and say “I’m 40”.  You know, like it’s one step away from Alzheimer’s!

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  1. * Tammy says:

    I’m so glad my kids are little. I don’t think I’m emotionally equipped to do graduation. Pre-K graduation was emotional enough for me (and I’m not talking about the post-graduation fight!).

    I love that she did the princess wave across the stage. Apple/Tree. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago
  2. * meritt says:

    A smile for you… and again, I read every one of your posts with a mental notebook in hand; taking notes. I learn from both of you!

    Now… tell me about financial assistance for college and how to find it… hee hee.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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