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Friday Funny

For those of you that are tired of hearing about college kid, bare with me.  This.is.funny.

So college kid drives in Thursday night as he doesn’t have any classes until Monday, but really because he was hungry.  Read post below.  After the hi’s, how are ya’s, etc., I ask him about his apartment.  Well, here is how the convo went:

me:  “So, how’s everything at the apartment?  You guys keeping it clean?”

College Kid (CK):  “yeah.  But, the dishwasher leaks and bubbles come out from the bottom when you turn it on.”

Me:  “Bubbles?”

CK:  “Yeah, and water”

Me:  “Did you put liquid dish soap in there?”

CK:  “Yeah.  No.  I don’t know.”

Me:  “You used the powder stuff in the tupperware bowl.  Right?”

CK:  (Puzzled look) “yeeeeaaaahhhhh?”

Daughter:  “Did you put too much in?”

CK:  “I don’t know.  I filled the one section up with powder.  Then I saw another section so I figured that the liquid soap went in there.  But I only put in a little bit.”

Me:  Blink. Blink. “You did call maintenance?”

CK:  “No.  I lost their #”

I think this will be a long year of learning experiences.


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  1. * SuZan says:

    you need a cartoon so you can post the Friday funnies. call it “The Adventures of CK”

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * Kami says:

    Oh, dear.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  3. Oh poor thing. This is why I shall make my son (please let me get knocked up with a boy…..no girls, God.) do everything around the house. It is NOT laziness. Really. It’s not.

    What? OK, it is a little bit laziness.

    Shut up.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  4. * Moi says:

    He is a gifted young lad. At least he knew to drive home for food. 8^)

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  5. * Jill says:

    That was FUNNY!!!
    At least your son comes home, my kid goes to college station to “visit” his friends in their apartment – oh and I am not suppose to know!
    I love the idea of a cartoon – it would be great – there is baby blues and zits but no college one………you could make back that college tuition!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  6. * Christie says:

    lmao…. oh geez

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  7. LMAO!

    Now just imagine what would have happened before they invented dishwashers!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  8. * Tammy says:

    Poor boy.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  9. * Katie says:


    There’s a couple of books that might come in handy, they’re called Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her & Where’s Dad Now That I Need Him.


    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  10. * meritt says:

    COME ON – ADMIT IT! We’ve all done the same darn thing. LOL.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  11. * Carrie says:

    Bwahahahahahaha! So funny! A visiting guest of a former roommate did that once – bubbles all over the entire kitchen… *sigh* At least now he knows! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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