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I Hate Thinking Up Titles

I really do. 

We solved the picture puzzle.  Out of 800+ graduates, how funny is it that I got a picture of the son of a good friend.  Too freakin funny!  I still can’t get over how my family didn’t even notice that one was not M.  Rocket scientists I tell ya!

My trainer at the gym quit.  Walked out.  He was 18, but he knew is stuff.  Let’s face it, when and 18 year old tells you your starting to look hot, what other motivation is needed?  Now, I KNOW I don’t look hot, but it was nice to hear.  And, it made me work harder.  Any way, I had a new trainer last night.  He is 25.  He was good, but I had to keep reminding him I’m old!  My knees just don’t do what they used to.  He is a nice guy.  He has big teeth.  I couldn’t look at him while lifting.  He reminded me of a cartoon character.  Once I get to know him I’m going to ask if they are fake.  They’ve got to be.  Regardless, I had a good workout. 

I’m so ready for our road trip this weekend.  I’m looking forward to hanging with my bitches.  We have nothing planned other than firing up the margarita maker.  Hey, what more do you need.  Brownies.  We are going to need brownies.  OK girls, you’ve got my word.  I’ll make brownies.  Then we are going to tie Kami to a chair and make her watch us load (and run) her dishwasher…..bwahahahaha.  Then we should do her laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think SuZan sent lasik thoughts my way.  I have contacts, but I don’t wear them often.  I just don’t like that feeling of having something in my eye.  I wear my glasses, a lot.  Last night, the arm broke.  Not at the hinge, but in the middle of the arm.  Snapped.  I have two choices.  I can tape it and look like a nerd, or I can try to wear them with one arm…….and look like a homeless nerd.  Which would you choose?

Ta for now.  Check back for updates of our weekend adventure.  And pictures.  I’m sure there will be pictures!


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  1. * meritt says:

    I keep picturing brownies and margarita’s – together. And the ewwww factor just keeps coming into play. LOL.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  2. Hope you all have a fantastic time.

    Oh, and when you have Kami tied to the chair, go throw crumbs in her car. She fucking WIG.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  3. * SuZan says:

    I am so first in line to load her dishwasher!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  4. * Tammy says:

    Oh hell. She may need CPR after having her dishwasher loaded. And crumbs thrown in her car.

    Wait. I have another idea. Let’s tie her there and make her sit there until she farts. Just sayin’.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  5. * Kami says:

    You guys are not right.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  6. * Katie says:

    Have fun!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  7. * Moi says:

    I would choose the contacts. 8^) I had Lasik done 9 years ago, and I still see 20/20. It was a piece of cake, and I got a happy pill to start it off. Wheeeeeeeee!

    Don’t forget to “re-organize” drawers and the glove compartment!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  8. * Karen says:

    Y’all have a great weekend! Safe travels.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  9. * kate says:

    i like the make her fart idea SHE WILL FART IN FRONT OF US ALL ONE DAY!

    Hey if you guys want to ever go to Kami’s again I highly advise staying away from the dishwasher and the car don’t mess with her car because if it is dirty she is just going to have to buy a new one! For example the BAMF!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago

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