Celebrating Women for the Real World

Party In the C-Y-P Baby!!


Are you ready to P-A-R-T-A-Y!  Oh, and the C-Y-P?  That’s what all the cool kids call Cypress, the actual burb where we live.  See, I’m cool!  My kids don’t think so, but I am.  Can some biotches back me up on this?

Sorry-we couldn’t play SPF because we were busy getting ready for a visit from some of the best biotches on the Internet! 

Please stay tuned as pictures will be available tonight of the “pre-blowout”.  Of course we’ll have pictures of Saturday’s event, but don’t look for them til well after the hangovers wear off! 

See y’all soon!


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  1. Sigh. Again. I am so jealous.

    Frickity frackin church.

    DAMN IT.

    Oh and step mom too. Man, she has craptastic timing.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  2. However, if it makes y’all feel better, I sit and look at house listings out that way ALL THE TIME.


    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  3. * Teena says:

    Have fun! Can’t wait for the pix!

    My nine assignments for my EBusiness course are finished so I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!! Did you miss me?!

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  4. * Karen says:

    Have a great time, y’all! Post lots of photos!

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago

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