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Stuff Portrait Friday…List Style

IT’S FRIDAY!!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that it is Friday. I think one more weekend and I can get well…FINALLY. Anyway this week Kristine wants to see our lists and maybe a doodle while we are at it. Well I am a list person and can’t seem to function without them.


I have written lists everywhere (even the week’s dinner menu on the fridge) but I thought that I would show you my attempt to bring out the geeky me with my PDA. This is a list of my coworkers. I don’t like having my phone full of programed numbers so I have the numbers listed in my PDA as a quick reference when I need to contact someone.

So here is my doodle. I’m not artistic so I give you just a little game of tic-tac-toe to pass the time. This happened at the last continuing ed conference I attended, the therapist next to me and I had some fun.

So let us know if you played; and let Kristine know also.

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  1. * Kami says:

    See, I tried one of those PDA things, and I failed. I need paper.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  2. * Lee says:

    I’m with Kami…nothing beats tons of scraps of paper and post-its 😉 Hope y’all have a good weekend!

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  3. * Christie says:

    I love tic-tac-toe!

    Happy spf
    I played

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  4. * ktlee says:

    I love lists!

    I played.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  5. * Sharon says:

    You know, I just never could get used to the PDA as far as lists go. I think because it was so heavy in my purse I didn’t want to carry it around.

    Paper though, I could fold up and stuff in my pocket.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  6. * Fleur de Lisa says:

    I love my electronic devices- but I must have paper for my lists. Quirky, but it works for me. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  7. * Shell says:

    My lists are usually in my head and on a million pieces of paper which is probably why I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off all the time. Sigh.

    When we all getting together for some cerveza? And don’t tell me in April…I can’t wait that long.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  8. * Random and Odd says:

    Oh I tried to be that nerdy and I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the damn thing.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  9. * Arlene says:

    Were ya playin’ yourself, ’cause I thought I was the only one that did that!!
    Good SPF!
    I played too!

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  10. * Connie says:

    Wow you can doodle on a pda, how cool is that….I played, but you know that, thanks for stopping by.
    Now I want a PDA.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  11. * Odd Mix says:

    I lke where you keep your list!

    I played, too.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  12. * The Kept Woman says:

    I’m with Kami…I tried the whole electronic thing but when push comes to shove I love to cross things off in pen on my paper list.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  13. * Tammy says:

    Yeah. I need paper too.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  14. * Teena says:

    I’m glad to see that you are a list maker too 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago

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