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Homecoming 2006

If you’ve checked our blog last week, you know that this past weekend was our homecoming. We had a blast, but boy, am I glad we’re done with that! I was a little worried that my “Friday the 13th” fear was coming to fruition as the other team scored first; but after a “stern” YELLING, er, talking to, our boys got it together and we won our homecoming game.

Here is our weekend in pictures:

The top of the mum I made for M’s date (double mum)

The top of the mum J’s boyfriend’s mom made for her. I told his mom “you made a porn star teddy bear”. She dressed the bear in read lace with no panties! I was just kidding. She doesn’t understand my sense of humor.

The “whole” picture. I couldn’t get any closer!

This is J before school on Friday. They get to wear the mums to school. Yeah, not too much work gets done that day. You see how it’s pulling her shirt down! Oh, and she’s eating one of my scrumptious homemade apple cinnamon muffins! This is J at her finest! We have so much fun-except when she thinks I’m a senile old woman!

J & C all ready to go! Believe it or not, it was warm enough to jump in the pool!

My son M and his date N. No, my son and daughter and their dates don’t travel together. In fact, most people don’t know that they are brother & sister!

The Boys. No other explanation needed!

Hummer Limo. My ass has never been in regular Hummer. Let alone a Hummer Limo!

And this is how they were able to afford the Hummer. The squeezed as many as possible inside and shared the cost. My son being the, um-man that he is, left the tickets to the dance in his truck. Big G tried to break in to his truck so that I could get the tickets and meet him at the dance. If you ever want a truck that is burglar proof-buy a Chevy Pick-up. Michael ended up having the limo drop everyone off at the dance after dinner, then bring him and his date to his truck to get the tickets, then back to the dance. That was pretty smart considering they had the limo based on time, not distance. He thoroughly enjoyed having the limo to himself!

Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much. SuZan got took a great video of the boys breaking through the sign before the game. Hopefully we can get that posted later! Until then, stay dry Houston!


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  1. * Karen says:

    Great photos! Those mums amaze me. Son’s homecoming weekend just passed and I noticed several girls coming out of school Friday with their mums.
    Those hummer limos are awesome!

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 9 months ago
  2. * Carrie says:

    That brings back so many memories! We used to pin the mums to our bra straps through our shirts to keep them up. 😛

    Your daughter is gorgeous and what a handsome son you have!

    So funny how they crammed so many people into the Hummer Limo! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 9 months ago
  3. * Teena says:

    Everyone looks great!!! Mine wasn’t that fancy.

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 9 months ago

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