Celebrating Women for the Real World

Celebrating Women’s 2005 Blog Pick of the Year

It’s Just the Coffee Talking
Behind every successful woman…
is a substantial amount of coffee.
The votes are in, competition was tough, but in the end Meritt’s votes topped the chart. I must say that I was impressed with all the ladies and their tactics for “getting out the vote” I learned a thing or two myself. Throughout the week everyone of the ladies carried the lead so this was a difficult decision for the voters too. Hence the reason that you could vote everyday and for up to three cadidates.
If you would like to see our write up of “It’s Just the Coffee Talking” when we announced that Meritt’s site was our Blog Pick of the Month for December 2005, go HERE.
The Shake-down
Katy: Poop, Paxil & Pageantry 31 votes
Kellie: Mom is Nutz 20 votes
Mama Duck: The Kept Woman 28 votes
Ammie: Sleeping Mommy 17 votes
Meritt: It’s Just the Coffee Talking 33 votes
So Meritt, by popular vote…
for your talent, humor and overall good cheer:

Celebrating Women Celebrate You!


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  1. * Suz says:

    Congrats To Meritt!

    Hugs Suz

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  2. * Christie says:

    Go and nominate your favorite at my blog

    and congrats to mer!

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  3. * aka_Meritt - www.coffeetalking.blogspot.com says:

    (Meritt runs through the door, travel mug full of coffee in hand and holding the last donut to offer as an ‘I’m sorry!’ sorry gift…)

    “I’m late! I’m late~! Suz told me yesterday on the blog in a comment but I was so freakin’ busy I couldn’t get here. And wouldn’t you know it… this weekend I changed the template of the blog again! LOL.”

    Thanks girls… I love EVERY BLOG on that list so I think we should ALL win. (I actually didn’t know I was even nominated until I read about it on Katy’s site and came here to vote for her! LOL).

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  4. * Spikey1 says:

    Re-count? 🙂

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  5. * Kami says:


    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  6. * Mama Duck says:

    Congrats Merrit…I knew showing skin was a good campaigning strategy!

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  7. * Katy says:

    Congrats Meritt…….I demand a recount.lol

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago

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