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5 Weird Things About Us

The CrazyRideLady tagged us a while ago, we’re just now catching up. Our mission was to find five weird things about each of us. It was really hard to find five weird things about me, what……OK, stop laughing SuZan. Maybe I should say find ONLY five weird things about me! But I gave it a try, so here it goes……

1. I don’t like to be cold, but I can’t sleep when the heater is on. I will put on extra layers of clothing, even socks, add blankets, snuggle with hubby, whatever. Just don’t turn the heater on!
2. I can’t sleep on pillows after someone else has been laying on them. Not just pillows, but sheets too. My pillows have to be cold and freshly plumped in order for me to get comfortable and fall asleep.
3. I have a hard time falling asleep without the TV on. I can be right at the point of being totally asleep, but if JK turns off the TV, that’s it, I’m awake!
4. I can’t sleep until my kids are home safe. I can doze on the couch, but until they are home, I can’t sleep. When Teenage boy comes home around midnight, he doesn’t come into my room to kiss me if JK is already in bed. The boy’s room is right over mine. I swear that child has lead in his feet, so it’s no surprise that I know he’s home. I get out of bed and go up and kiss him (OK, secretly I’m doing the smell test as well. Kind of killing two birds with one stone). For those of you that don’t have teenagers-you’ll be doing this one day. I also stay awake for about 30 mins listening to see if he’s going to try to sneak out. Oh come on, don’t judge. He’s a good kid. They pretty much all try to sneak out at some point. Yeah, that’s another post. But he’s never tried it again since I busted him!
5. OK, a little OCD on my part when it comes to cleaning. Don’t interrupt me, don’t walk on the floors after I’ve mopped them (you WILL lose your feet); don’t pee in the toilet when there’s cleaner in it; every crack and every crevice must be clean, clean, clean! Yeah, I can let it get very dirty before I start cleaning, but once I start, look out!
OK….that’s it for me. Let’s see what SuZan has to say!
OK….geez…..lets see:
1. Used toothbrushes gross me out. As for my own, I have to rinse it in hydrogen peroxide before next use, and don’t you dare try and use mine.
2. I can’t handle mucus well. I had to successfully demonstrate suctioning in order to pass my clinical rotation with spinal cord injury patients. I was able to squeak by for almost three months before they realized that I had not been checked off on it. I literally had to suction, leave the room to gag, return and suction, leave the room to gag….you get the picture. So now I work with snot-nosed kids *Bwahahahahaha*.
3. I sleep hot (ok, get your mind out of the gutter). No matter what the temperature, or if I only have a sheet. Give me two minutes, and I will be nice and toasty.
4. I have a cleaning product fetish. The funny thing is that I HATE house work, but if there is a new product for cleaning, I probably have it.
5. I have to sleep with three pillows; one for my head, one for my hand, and one between my knees (ok this is moving into tmi now).

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  1. * Suz says:

    Sheri: I can sorta relate to 2, my bed has to be made before I can sleep in it. As for 4: can definitly relate with my 17 year old.

    SuZan: I clean mine also with hydrogen peroxide but not before each use & no one better touch mine either!

    Hugs Suz

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 7 months ago

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