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The Boy Has His Bling!

It is now official, G-2 now has his class ring! It seems we are hitting milestones one after another now. Not to mention the ever dwindling pocketbook. If you think that you can’t wait until they get a little older, STOP. They get more expensive!

I joke with him and tell him that he REALLY has to keep his grades up because his ring says 2007, so he HAS to graduate. He also has been threatened with his life that he is NOT to give his ring to “some sweet young thing”. What is funny is that they give you what they call a “companion” ring (that’s the one you give to the girl), I had never heard of this…My how times change.


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  1. * aka_Meritt - www.coffeetalking.blogspot.com says:

    Hmmm… does the companion ring come ‘with’ it for free or is it a ‘must order’? I think it’s a good idea, but had never heard of it. Then again, I start to think of all the poor guys who haven’t anyone to give a companion ring to… then I feel bad for them if they are given one ‘automatically’! What a slap in the face. LOL.

    But… what I WANTED to say is this; I’m going to be telling my son the SAME THING! LOL. (He’ll HAVE to graduate on time if his class ring is for that year! Hee hee).

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago
  2. * momsgoneloony says:

    A companion ring? That is a cool idea…I had several young guys rings in high school…never lost one…never thought one wit about what their momma thought either…bad Kel…I will be telling mine the same thing…you are NOT to let anyone wear this except yourself!

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago
  3. * Holly says:

    it’s amazing how quick they grow.
    i never had a guy’s ring in high school (could it be because the guys i dated were older and losers? possibly)

    yay for the companion ring thing. that’s pretty cool. and saves the “real” ring LOL

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago
  4. * Katy says:

    He definently should never give the ring to a sweet young honey. I no longer have my class rin because a”friend” wanted to wear it and never gave it back. What could another girl possibly want with my class ring? who friggin’ knows.

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 8 months ago

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